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Wireless routers need love too!

Wireless routers are something you plug in and forget about until you have a replacement which will also end up being neglected.

Most people aren’t even aware that just like computers, routers are also vulnerable to hacking attacks and need to be updated as and when a security patch is released.

If a router is left vulnerable, hackers will be able to gain access to a host of information about you including passwords and log in details of websites. In August 2018, Radware, a cyber security company discovered an exploit which eventually affected 100,000 D-Link devices in Brazil. These hacked routers were set up to redirect Banco de Brasil customers to a cloned website where their log in credentials were stolen.

Cyber criminals work around the clock and prey on naïve individuals who have unsecured routers. In this day and age where everything is connected to the internet from door bells to security cameras don’t lend a helping hand to the criminals and secure your routers with the latest security updates. Also, if your router is very old, you may be entitled to a free upgrade from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so give them a call.

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