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Is Ransomware still a concern? We find out.

Sonia Arista, a former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and now working with Fortinet in the role of National Healthcare Practice Director seems to think so. In an interview with Tom Field of Information Security Media Group she shares her views on cyber security and data breach.

According to Ms Arista, her customer’s say ransomware is still a very big concern and the general consensus within her client base is either having to pay the ransom fee or to better equip themselves technically to stop the cyber attacks.

The research team at Fortinet claim that the cyber attackers are becoming more efficient by doing their due diligence before orchestrating an attack so they know exactly where the valuable data lies. 

As a former CISO, Ms Arista has an understanding of her clients concerns when it comes to cyber security and data breaches and with her knowledge of the field and an understanding of the concerns raised by her clients, Ms Arista is able to efficiently liaise with the engineers and the product development team at Fortinet to help develop a superior product line.

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